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Solar Panels Technician

Economic Development

Acadia Sustainable Resources works closely with Economic Development Agencies (EDAs) to create lower energy costs through the deployment of microgrids.


For too long, Upstate New York communities have created renewable power which is then sent downstate to New York City via the utility grid. Now, Upstate New York rate payers are also paying for upgrades to the utility grid as the state moves toward all-renewable energy under the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act. It's time for Upstate New York communities to take control of their energy future and reap the economic benefits of reliable, renewable energy.

Microgrids provide a level of energy independence along with resiliency and lower costs, which attract advanced manufacturing, data centers, cannabis growers and other energy-intensive businesses.  


Acadia Energy creates public-private partnerships with EDAs to focus renewable energy production and transmission to "sustainability hubs," otherwise known as industrial parks, to attract industrial and economic development. 

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